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MPM & Associates' goal is to identify and finance mid-market companies with additional capital for their growth plans. It all begins with partnership – a collegial and collaborative spirit that infuses our own team and extends to the companies in which we invest. We believe that the open exchange of ideas that results from our close collaboration with entrepreneurial management is essential to building strong companies and lasting value.

We are long-term partners and understand that it can take time for companies to realize their full potential in our sector. However, we seek companies that address what we consider a near-term need and whose solutions create value on a stand-alone economic basis. We focus on companies that offer highly differentiated and defensible solutions with strong value propositions that drive superior returns.

Through our portfolio companies, we offer our customers new technological solutions and tap new markets. Our focus is on growth segments in:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Devices
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Software


office3Our expertise is in helping companies realize their growth potential and increase shareholder value. Our firm offers a unique combination of investment experience, strategic and operational insight, and access to an invaluable network. The collective experience and significant contacts of Mr. Marks & his associates present a strong partnership


office3Our' team has over 30 years of direct experience in owning and working with companies to develop corporate strategy and improve business processes. Our operational experience and involvement not only help management achieve their objectives and maximize shareholder value but also instill empathy within the firm toward our portfolio company management.

Value Added Resources

office3We leverage its extensive contact base to make prospective client introductions, recruit senior management and directors, and pursue strategic alliances or acquisitions. Our firm's network and track record also streamlines the process for raising additional financing and eventually securing shareholder support.

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