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MPM & Associates focuses on building strong, efficient organizations, developing an overall funding strategy and position the client for long-term organizational stability and achievement of its vision. We listen carefully, plan thoughtfully and act creatively to maximize the impact of your organization's philanthropic initiatives. Our role is to help your organization raise money. Whether you and your organization need occasional support or long-term support, MPM & Associates offers comprehensive counsel and analysis on campaign feasibility and planning, development staffing, volunteer responsibilities, and donor information systems.

We offer comprehensive, individualized counsel and coaching for planning campaigns including corporate sponsorship programs, staff and volunteer training, and donor solicitation. Our services include:

Development Program Assessments

office3An outside, objective review of an organization's overall fundraising program can help identify outdated strategies, unrealized opportunities or areas that need fine-tuning.
Our development assessment, done cooperatively with top management and fundraising staff, includes a thorough analysis of staffing and reporting lines, administrative policies and procedures, research and computer operations, direct mail and phone solicitation strategies, prospect development and cultivation and stewardship techniques, and donor recognition programs and retention rates.

Pre-Campaign Planning

office3Our Pre-Campaign Assessment (PCA) provides a thorough analysis of an organization's capability to launch a significant fundraising effort. The Assessment is an essential first step of a feasibility study. It identifies a non-profit's strengths and weaknesses, examines the prospective fundraising base and recommends strategies to make an organization campaign-ready.

Annual Campaign Fundraising Planning and Management

office3Based on the PCA recommendations and other factors such as a complete analysis of an organization's annual activities, we guide an organization through the formal campaign. Our team provides the following services encompassing the design, implementation, and coordination of an effective fundraising campaign:

  • Directing all formative campaign steps, including the establishment of programmatic and leadership structures as well as operating strategies including Donor Database analysis and recommendation
  • Development and monitoring of a Master Plan, campaign timetables and periodic action plans
  • Development of appropriate campaign themes, materials and brochures
  • Preparation of communication and donor recognition policies and plans
  • Help assess past giving patterns of all constituencies and offers recommendations to enhance annual appeal
  • Creation and implementation of donor cultivation and outreach strategies
  • Participation with the organization's leadership and professional staff in obtaining financial commitments from prospective donors.
Specifically, we analyze goal setting; strategy design implementation and evaluation; staff structure and volunteer leadership; effective volunteer networks; and opportunities for professional development to keep staff and volunteers aware of changes in the fundraising arena.


Development Staff, Senior Management, Board Training and Development

office3Your fundraising and external relations programs depend on skilled, focused, and motivated development staff members, senior management, and key volunteers working together. MPM & Associates, who are experts in their field, work with you in group and/or one-on-one sessions to help make sure your development team is ready and able to accomplish your fundraising objectives. We provide training sessions for:

Development Staff:

providing professional and technical skills to meet fundraising expectations.

Senior Management:

understanding donor motivations, projects that appeal to them, and providing donors' opportunities to give.

Board Members and Key Volunteers:

moving from overseers to active fundraising partners with senior management and development staff in making and securing major gifts.


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