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MPM & Associates business development services ultimate objective is to assist the Business Developer recruit and retain businesses. MPM & Associates offers a full range of business re-location strategies, location incentives, negotiation and business development consulting services to community organizations, small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies. We assist communities and companies with sustainable economic development strategies. We offer a wide range of services related to market studies, competitive analysis and an Executive Lead Generation Program utilizing MPM & Associates' proprietary database to secure real-time appointments with C-level company executives who make decisions about business expansion and re-location.

We work with communities in providing services in marketing, industry research, real estate market assessment, business analysis studies, strategic planning and community development plans.

MPM & Associates' arms clients with smart tools that lead to positive community change. Our work is highly targeted and we offer the following analytical services:

Executive Lead Generation Program

office3The core aim of our Executive Lead Generation Program is to secure real-time appointments with C-level executives who make decisions on business expansion and re-location. Our approach is based on four steps to successful prospecting.

Community Demographic Assessment / Business Profiles

office3Our profiling provides a summary of the key political, social, demographic, economic and biophysical characteristics of a community's region and its people. Demographic and other available data is used to build a picture of the relevant community or communities. Compiling a profile will assist a regional business development body to identify those characteristics which will influence the way people interact and engage on community issues. In addition, updating the profile over time enables the tracking of change and the identification of trends.

Our profiling is an important activity in understanding the context in which a planning process is occurring, in identifying and collating information on relevant stakeholders, and in identifying gaps in information.

Business Impact and Trend Analysis

office3We provide research and data about local economic and demographic issues. Our goal is to help communities work together in building their regional capacity for growth and change. We analyze key indicators for communities with economic development resources. Our reports provide indicators for analyzing local economic and social conditions. These reports can help local leaders examine current trends and characteristics of their community and to better understand opportunities for business growth.

SWOT Analysis

office3We identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a specific geographic location and include realistic recommendations for enhancing a community's strengths and opportunities, conquering its weaknesses, and meeting future threats.

Marketing Analysis

office3Our Marketing Analysis assists our clients in understanding the size and growth rate of present and emerging markets, the barriers and driving forces that influence market demand, and the customer demographic composition within target markets for a product or service.

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