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Whether you and your organization need occasional support or long-term support, we offer comprehensive counsel and analysis on campaign feasibility and planning, development staffing, volunteer responsibilities, and donor information systems. We offer comprehensive, individualized counsel and coaching for planning campaigns, staff and volunteer training, and donor solicitation.

Donor Relations and Stewardship Assessments and Counsel

Continued philanthropic support depends on maintaining strong relationships with donors. Our donor-centered approach examines the complex give-and-take between individuals and institutions and helps you build stronger relationships with your philanthropic investors. we can work with your board and staff to assess your current donor relations and stewardship activities and help you create stronger, donor-centered programs.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the critical activity for leaders. Through this process, leaders set the organization's future direction and define the specific outcomes and strategies that will lead to achieve that direction. Our Strategic Planning process is designed to provide you with a complete direction that interprets your vision and sets your goals, measures strategies, and manages the implementation process.

SWOT Analysis

We help you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a specific geographic location, business environment, or non-profit organization and include realistic recommendations for enhancing a community's, business or organization's strengths and opportunities, conquering its weaknesses, and meeting future threats.

Corporate Sponsorship

Every year, corporations spend millions of dollars on cause-related marketing and event sponsorships. Unfortunately, many non-profits don't have a clue about how to approach a potential sponsor, prepare the information needed, and persuade a sponsor to join them in a mutually beneficial project.

We work with your organization to help you become good corporate sponsorship partners and realize that sponsorship is a business deal, not a donation. We help your organization learn that the skills involved in securing good corporate sponsorships are different from those that work in everyday fundraising.

Solicitation Training

In order to help your professionals and volunteers learn the skill of "Asking without fear," we will conduct an orientation and planning session tailored to help your organization use current and new strategies for best results while planning to build capacity for even greater results. We will prepare and encourage volunteers and staff to make effective calls to ask for charitable gifts for your organization. Increase both the number and the success of your solicitation calls through carefully designed training that builds confidence and the willingness to effectively make "the ask". Participants will develop confidence and have a clear understanding of the steps needed in the solicitation process. Your volunteers and staff will have clear direction, make more calls and will get more gifts for the organization.

Prospect & Cultivation Training

This training and facilitation package will enable and inspire staff and volunteers to succeed with cultivating and soliciting individual gifts for the campaign including gifts from the full spectrum of potential donors. This training can be tailored for first time campaigns and for campaigns of any size. It outlines the successful strategies, skills and techniques needed to turn prospects into donors.

Major Donor Solicitation Training - "The Face-to-Face Ask"

At the end of this training, each participant commits to soliciting a gift at a certain level (to be determined in advance) from a minimum number of prospects in person.

For further information, please com plete the contact form outlining your requirements.

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