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About us

officeBecause unique circumstances accompany common problems, MPM & Associates, LLC tailors our service to fit your needs. We customize projects based on a client's needs. From strategic counsel to limited on-site program management or interim staffing, we work with you to structure our services in a variety of ways. Use MPM & Associates to supplement existing resources or manage your strategic planning process from inception to implementation.

MPM & Associates provides Investment capitalfor Mid-Market Companies and helps create businesses through:

  • Venture Capital – Private Equity Funding
  • Business Consulting – General and Specific
  • Business Development


A Brief History

office1Founded in 1984 to expand on the venture capital business, MPM & Associates has assisted organizations looking to incorporate, initiate, or grow in terms of sales or scope of services. MPM & Associates augmented its services to meet client demand, adding associates with various experiences and disciplines along the way. Venture Capital BusinessesIn 1990, MPM & Associates decided it would be beneficial to offer multilingual services, a decision resulting today in 13 virtual offices worldwide.

Murray Marks
Principal and Founder,
MPM & Associates, LLC

A thirty year veteran of venture capital and business management, Mr. Marks has met challenges ranging from company turnaround, re-engineering and venture capital to deal structure for client organizations. He has been advising large and mid-size companies on various business needs; he performed business and strategic planning, corporate restructuring, and training; and he has covered all aspects of business processes and development, including sales, P&L, budget, cost reduction and lean manufacturing.

Mr. Marks' expertise also includes database management, all aspects of prospect development including donor research and identification, prospect management, data mining and prospect strategy, business intelligence and data reporting, as well as corporate sponsorship and major gifs cultivation, stewardship, and solicitations.

Mr. Marks' background includes an MBA in Institutional Finance and a BA in Business Management.

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MPM & Associates
Investing in our future

MPM & Associates creates businesses and solves problems. We've been doing so since 1984, in areas of:


Venture Capital Private Equity Funding We work for growth and stability of clients with us.


Economic Development Services utilizing proprietary Executive Lead Generation Program database

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