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Business Consultingconsulting

MPM & Associates is a highly focused U.S. and international business consultancy with a full range of specialist services.

BIZ Developmentdevelopment

We focus on building strong, efficient organizations. Developing leaders who can implement the vision.

Additional Servicesservices

MPM & Associates is a highly focused U.S. and international Organisation with a full compliment of client oportunities and products.



MPM & Associates has been involved in providing services to clients in diverse markets worldwide.

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MPM & Associates is a diverse professional firm of dynamic partners and associates. Every Principal of MPM & Associates has over 25 years' experience in:

venture capital

  • Management
  • Private Equity Funding
  • Business Processes
  • Strategic Services
  • Business Development
  • Financial Services
  • Sales
  • Other Services

We bring backgrounds in institutional and venture finance, business consulting, non-profit business development, large and small manufacturing, consultant engineering, software ERP, CRM and BPO.
Our professional team understands our client base, we are adept in multi-functional arenas, and provide unparalleled and diverse business platforms.
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Fax: +(305) 937-3050
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